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Clearance Sale on Select Suets

To make room for more great inventory, we're offering a sweet deal on two high-energy suets, our regular Naturally Nuts® or Nuts & Berries Suet Cakes, in-store only while supplies last. They're loaded with nuts and berries, making them super attractive to birds, especially now during the energy-intensive molting and nesting season.

These regular versions of our suets can withstand temps up to 95°F, so they'll last well into the summer when hung in the shade, and all of our suets are rendered and refined to remove impurities that cause spoilage. They're also fine in your freezer for up to 6 months to await the return of cooler outdoor temperatures. It's a great time to stock up!

Once the heat really kicks in, you can shift to our No-Melt suets. No-Melts are no-brainers for peak RGV summers—they can withstand temps up to 130°F!


 Suet Clearance Sale Buy 2 Get 1




Nesting SuperBlend® Gives Your Birds a Leg Up!

Did you know calcium is the most challenging mineral for birds? That's because when they need it for egg-laying and chick development, they need a lot, and they need it right away. But the calcium in birds' natural diet of seeds and insects is often inadequate.

That's where our Nesting SuperBlend comes in. High in protein and with added calcium, this seed blend is designed specifically for birds’ nesting and molting needs. It's perfect for birds preparing to nest, while they nest, and for the young when they leave the nest.

And why not try our live mealworms, too? Birds go crazy for them, they're high in needed protein, and watching mom and dad carry mealworms back to the nest for their chicks is a ton of fun! 


Nesting SuperBlend Bag




Shop Core Products Online

Did you know our webshop is now open for bird food and other core products? Choose whatever's most convenient:

  • delivery—free for orders over $75 within 150 miles
  • curbside pickup
  • in-store pickup
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So Much More in Our Store!

Not all our stock is online—we're just a small business. So do please stop in to see all we have on offer, from nature-inspired jewelry and mugs, to resonant wind chimes, gorgeous bird baths, durable bird feeders, garden art, and much more.

And many of our most giftable items are available in-store only!

Preview our in-store only items here.


   Wind Chimes in WBU McAllen Store




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